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Plasma Training

Whether you are certified as a Prestige Technician or an Advanced Technician, you will receive training in all basic aspects of Plasma Concepts. Every highly-vetted technician successfully trained by the expert team at Plasma Concepts leaves as an official Plasma Concepts technician; fully qualified in the theory, science, technique, consultation protocol, pre-treatment and aftercare necessary in using the Plasma Concepts device. German Manufactured and CE Certified Plasma Concepts Pen by Plasma Concepts comes with a full one year warranty.


What is the difference between an Prestige Technician and Advanced Technician?



Our Prestige Technician course is the first course you will attend. You will be fully qualified, certified and completely capable of professionally delivering Plasma treatments – especially those relating to the upper facial, mid facial and lower facial areas (which constitute the bulk of treatment for most technicians – see available treatments).



To qualify for our Advanced Technician training you must complete a minimum of 50 treatments. You will need to provide us with examples of your work/portfolio so we can assess, validate and provide feedback. When your work has been approved you will then be able complete our Advanced Technician course and be re-certified accordingly. Among many elements and additional modules; this advanced course involves a much deeper dive into our Plasma treatment and technique. We focus a great deal on the more complex, challenging, high-value and/or niche treatments such as facelifts, abdominal area and arms.


Our Advanced Technicians all adhere to the highest possible standards and in return are usually able to charge a premium for their treatments/services. Outside of promotions and offers, we expect all our technicians to maintain price integrity for all Plasma treatments – they are intended to be the best and not the cheapest. 


Qualified Advanced technicians have the opportunity to be selected as an Plasma Concepts certified trainer and receive compensation for teaching Prestige training classes.



  • Comprehensive Academic Instruction in Plasma Technology 

  • Theoretical Science Behind Plasma

  • Plasma and the Skin

  • Skin Types and Conditions- Qualifying Your Clients

  • Understanding Contraindications

  • Consultation and Client Forms

  • Pre-Treatment

  • Aftercare

  • Semi-Practical: Technique and pattern practice, probe modification and device acclamation

  • Practical: Demonstration of treatment by Advanced Trainer and independent hands on practice using live models in several of the following procedures:

  • Bletharoplasty, Crow’s Feet, Lower Eyes, Jawline/Jowls, Marionette Lines, Lower Facial, Forehead Lift/ Lines, Turkey Neck, Neck Lift, Neck Lines and Banding

  • Test

  • Insurance and Liability

  • Marketing


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